9 Best Google Web Fonts For Headlines and Headings

When you think of Google web fonts the first thing that comes to mind is that only designers are interested in them.

That might be true but there’s also us, bloggers, who search for the best Google web fonts for headlines or headings to spice up our blogs with beautiful typography.

Here’s the deal:

The fact is that the headlines are more important than you may think. Just like a slow loading website can push away you visitors, a ugly headline font or heading can do the same thing.

Choosing a font that doesn’t look right or making the blog titles too small is another way to loose a few readers.

A while back I was searching for some fonts for my headlines and it took me a while before I made a personal selection.

To make your headlines awesome you need a catchy title and a cool font.

That’s it.

I personally want my headlines to be:

  • Bold
  • Big
  • Clean

Why? Because they are easy to read and grabs your readers attention easily.

The cool thing about the Google web font library is that there are many great fonts to choose from.

How To Add Any Google Web Font To Your WordPress Blog

Most bloggers just use the headlines font embedded in their WordPress theme not knowing that they can easily change them.

In fact a lot of WordPress themes have an option to easily change them.

For those who don’t have this option you can use some WordPress plugins to add any Google web font to your website.

You can change the font of your titles, your awesome content and even the navigation, to the ones you desire.

This way you have much grater control of your blog’s typography and you can experiment different combinations until you find something you like and fits your overall design.

Bellow are some of the best plugins for adding Google web fonts to your WordPress website.

Here are 9 Best Google Fonts For Headlines

best Google web fonts for headings

Here’s a selection of the nicest looking fonts for headlines, headings and titles for those who want something different.

1.) Roboto Condensed

Roboto Condensed is a nice looking font, great for long headlines in my opinion.

Why? Because you can squeeze more words in your titles without making them too large.

I especially like the bold 700, but that’s just me.


2.) Fira Sans

Fira Sans is another great Google web font for headings, especially if you are looking for something different.

There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to choosing the perfect font for your blog, all you have to do is test a bunch of them and then select those that fit best your overall design.

And Fira Sans is definitively worth testing!


3.) Lora

Lora was designed by Olga Karpushina in 2011, and it’s just awesome. Not only for headlines, headings or titles, but it can also be used as body text (content).

The italic version looks amazing as well.


4.) Signika

I used to like Signika, but for some reason it just doesn’t fits my overall blog design when it comes to headlines.

But still it’s a great and definitively worth trying it on your website.


5.) Cabin

Cabin is another nice font for headings and headlines.

It’s also great for content as well.

In my opinion the bigger and bolder the better, so the semi-bold version appeals to me the most.


6.) Oswald

The Oswald font is a personal favorite of mine.

I don’t know why, I just like it…a lot.

In fact MyBloggingThing used this font for titles for a long time until recently when I changed it to Oxygen.


7.) Arimo

Arimo font was designed by Steve Matteson and I have to say I quite like it, although I haven’t test it on my blog.

It can be used for content as well not just for headlines.


8.) Droid Serif

Droid Serif is another personal favorite, just because it’s widely popular and looks great especially for blog titles.

It can also be used for headings and content or body text.


9.) Arvo

I haven’t yet tested Arvo on my website, but I very much like it. I just didn’t have the time to see how it looks on my blog.

Although I did not test it I still consider it to be one of the best Google Web fonts for headlines.

What About You?

To sum up this short post remember that these are just some of the fonts I like the most for my headlines, fell free to browser more at Google Web Font library and pick whatever you like the most.

The easiest way is to go trough the Google web font library and make a list of some fonts.

Then you can easily add them to any WordPress theme to see how they look on your website.

Now back to you: What is you favorite Google Web font for headlines? What about for content (body text)?

I love to hear your take on this, just let me know in the comments bellow.

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