How To Design A Logo In Less Than 5 Minutes For FREE

In this guide I will show you how to design a logo for your website for free.

Make no mistake free doesn’t have to be low quality in fact the end result will be clean, simple and elegant.

I don’t know about you but usually when I browse a new site among other things I look at is the logo. Sounds strange but bear with me.

You can often tell a lot about a certain blog just by looking at their logo. For example just a few things I often see are logos with awful fonts, big text, glowing effects with all sorts of graphics that have nothing to do with the content or the overall blog design.

If I see something like that the first thing I think about is “ok maybe this guy doesn’t know much about web design” and I look around at their website to see what’s about. If I look at their latest posts the majority of blogs sound something like this: 7 tips to, 8 ways to, things you didn’t know about, and other same old bullshit.

You will think that after I see a bad logo design and some generic headlines I would close that website immediately right? Call me persistent but the answer is not just yet.

I am prepared to give this blog another chance so I decide to read just one blog post, maybe the quality is really in the writing. But wait, I am shocked, it’s just the same “nothing” that everybody seems to be expert in.

Such a shame.

Often I can’t even understand the writing, the english is so mediocre and no value whatsoever in his blog.

But still this guy and hundred others rank on the first page of Google for some keywords. Hooow?

That’s one of thousands reasons why I even decided to build this blog and why I decided to write this tutorial. I want you to build an awesome blog with a great logo design for starters and I want you to write something that can actually help others!

Sure I occasionally see great blogs with incredible content , but when I look at their logo I can’t think but wonder: “Why did this guy decided to use this awful logo?” I mean they are either too big, too complicated with a quality that screams: “I have no idea what I did!”

That’s why I decided to make a tutorial on how to design your own logo free.

What Makes A Great Logo?

When it comes to how to design your own logo free, simplicity and quality are the two main aspects I pun an emphasis on. Forget about eye-catching graphics and God knows what effects.

Look at some of the big brands online.

What do they all have in common when it comes to their logo?


Often the best logos I see are those made of simple yet elegant text. Just like my own domain’s name logo.

The thing is that you don’t necessary have to be a graphic designer to design your own logo free. In fact all you need is just an image editing program and some cool fonts. That’s it.

Sounds complicated right? It’s actually easier than you may think.

Design Your Own Logo Free

design your own logo

This guide will teach you step by step how to create your own logo in less than 5 minutes.

Forget about hiring a designer to make it for you.

Tools You Will Need to Create Your Own Logo For Free

The first thing you will need to do is to download and install GIMP.

GIMP is an open source image editing software released under GNU General Public License.

Next you will need to download some fonts to design your own logo with. My favorite place for great fonts is fontfabric which has both free and paid fonts. You can choose to make a donation for their free fonts if you like them, also you can use them for personal or commercial purposes. Make sure to check the font license once you download it.

Another font I personally like is Lobster font designed by Pablo Impallari which is just awesome for logo design. In fact the logo of my blog uses this font. Looks great doesn’t it?

Let’s Get Started Shall We…

Before you start to design your own logo free make sure to check in your WodPress theme settings the logo size. Most WordPress themes have an option to upload a custom logo and the size is usually mentioned there. If you can’t find it you can go for a size say 250 x 80 px.

Fire up GIMP and the first thing you will want to do is go to Windows and click Single Window Mode.

Create A New File

To do this simply go to File/New.

  • For the width put the number of pixels that is mentioned in your themes settings.(in my case 250)
  • For height put the number of pixels that is mentioned  in your theme.(in my case 80)

new file to make logo

Create A New Layer

Now we have a blank white background. What you will want to do is create a new layer so we can have more flexibility. Go to Layer/New Layer click Ok.

The new layer should have appeared in the layers pallet.

new layer

Now lets make our image a little bigger so we can see what we are working on. Press down CTRL and scroll mouse to zoom in (0r click View/Zoom/Zoom In).

Type The Logo Text

Next click on the Text Tool

text tool GIMP

And make a selection as big as the white background.

text tool selection


Now you can type in your website name in my case mybloggingthing”.

Change The Font

As you can see the default font is Sans.We need to change this to one of the fonts you’ve downloaded. Select all the text and change the font to the desired one, in my case Lobster.(to find the font type in L and choose Lobster 1.4)

choose logo font

It should look like this. With the text selected make it a little bigger so that it covers all of the background.

choose logo size

Style It Down A Bit

What I have found out to work best is a logo design with two colors, if you chose more than two it usually ends up looking weird. The colors I like to choose are one neutral such as a dark grey/blue and one that is present in my theme in my case tomato red.

logo colors

There is no right or wrong way of choosing the perfect colors to design your own logo free so you may want to experiment a little until you are satisfied with the result. I usually make one or two words dark grey and the other word/s to match my themes colors. Simply select the word you want to change the color and pick a new color.

choose logo color

In this particular case I decided to go with a dark grey/blue and tomato red as the main colors.

Next it’s time to position the logo either center or at the right. To do this simply choose the move tool click on the text and move it until it looks good.

GIMP move tool


You can also add a slogan. To do this simply make another selection with the text tool(you may need to shrink the previous selection first), type in your slogan, change the font to one of those you have downloaded, resize until perfect and move it to blend in perfectly.

And the final result…

logo creation free


That’s basically it, a simple way design your own logo free.

Here a variation of the above, the final logo for my blog.

make your own logo


Last but not least you will want to select and delete the white background from the layers menu and save the logo design, this way you will have a transparent background.


delete background

I usually save in two file formats:

1. PNG file format which you can use on your website.

To save the file go to File/Export As (NOT save as!) click on select file type(by extension) choose PNG Image and hit Save and a new window will pop up, just check the boxes like in the screenshot bellow.

export logo


2. xcf file format which is used in GIMP. I save it as .xcf when I want to edit the logo in the near future .

Once saved like this you can edit everything including the text colors fonts and so on…

To save it as .xcf all you have to do is go to File/Save As.

To Sum It Up

It’s quite fun and exciting to design your own logo free so I do encourage you to make this step even if things seem complicated at first glance.

I do like to make my own logos because I usually have an idea on how it should look and that idea becomes very fast a sketch or a draft and after that I find myself continuously tweaking little things until everything is 100% according to my taste.

Even till this day I find myself making little changes to my original logo.

But the cool thing is that I don’t have to feel stuck on just one design, as I can edit it whenever I want making it better and better.

I really hope you like this tutorial on how to design your own logo free and maybe you will give it a try.

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