7 Incredibly Useful Infographic Generator Tools

An infographic generator is quite useful when you want to create infographics for your own blog.

By now, chances are you’ve already seen an infographic, the web is full of them and for one good reason: they are awesome!

Wouldn’t you agree?

They are such a great way to present your data and message to your readers. Just like using vibrant images in your blog posts.

Bottom line, infographics should be part of any bloggers marketing tools.

What are Infographics and Why Should You Use Them?

Inforgraphics are visual media with data that can deliver your message to your readers in a more interactive way.

What you may not know is that they are actually very easy to make, using an online infographic generator you can start creating your own in just a few minutes.

The hardest part may be gathering all the necessary data.

Using information graphics on your posts can make them more engaging, more shareable and can potentially grow and expand your audience and blog traffic.

How to Make Your Own Infographics

First step is to gather your data, which may actually be the hardest part.

Next you need to use an infographic generator to start making your design. I’ve made a cool list bellow.

Finally add your data to a template, make any necessary tweaks in your design and you are done.

It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time, usually they will get better and better.

What next? Publish it to your blog, share it with the world and on social media.

Additional resources:

infographic generator tools

7 Infographic Generator Tools

I’ve done a little research and I finally decided at these 7 infographic generator tools.



1.) Piktochart

Piktochart is first on my list because their templates are quite professional.

What you need to know about Picktochart is that they offer a free and a pro version.

Of course the free version comes with a few limitations such as limited templates, watermark and low resolution export.

Nevertheless it’s a great way to get started for free and if you really like their templates you can go for the pro version, which doesn’t have all those limitations, for only $29/month.


Price: Free/$29(month)

Templates: 400

Website: http://piktochart.com


2.) Infogr.am

Infogr.am is an infographic generator tool which offers a free (basic), a pro and a white label account.

The free version has a few limitations and the pro version is $18/month or $15/month billed annually, more info here.


Price: Free/ starting at $15(month)

Templates: 30+ chart types

Website: https://infogr.am


3.) Venngage 

Venngage has some really nice templates and a few other cool features.

The pricing is also simple.

You can choose a free account or a premium one for $19/month. Again the free version comes with a few limitations, more info here.


Price: Free/$19(month)

Templates: 37 + hundreds of charts and icons

Website: https://venngage.com


4.) Visme.co 

Visme.co is another tool to create infographics online which is quite easy to use.

Their pricing is also affordable, you can choose the free version (with limitations) or the standard version which is $6/month billed annually (otherwise $12/month) or even better, their complete version which is $16/month billed annually (otherwise $28/month).


Price: Free/ starting at $6(month)

Templates: doesn’t say how many

Website: http://www.visme.co


5.) Easel.ly (recommended for beginners)

Easel.ly Is by far the best way to start making your own infographics as it’s free.

They also offer a pro version for just $2/month making them the cheapest option on my list of 7 best infographic generator tools.


Price: Free

Templates: doesn’t say how many

Website: http://www.easel.ly


6.) Infoactive.co

Infoactive.co offers to try their tool for free or you can choose to subscribe to any of their plans, starter plan at $12/month, standard plan at $29/month or premium plan at $49/month.


Price: Free/ starting at $12(month)

Templates: 10K+ interactive icons

Website: https://infoactive.co


7.) Infographics.li (recommended for designers and serious bloggers)

Offers a collection of 35 unique layouts and 105 stunning templates that can be easily edited to include your data and create your own visuals.

The price is ok too, $59 sounds quite affordable when you think about the quality of the templates.

The main difference between these templates and the other services from above is that you have more control over your designs. The downside is that you have to edit the templates in an image editing software yourself.


Price: $59

Templates: 105

Website: http://infographics.li/


In conclusion

These are 7 of the best ways to create your own infographics.

In my opinion the best way to start is using Easel.ly which is the cheapest option and if you are serios about creating your own infographics I recommend Infographics.li, but you have to know how to edit their templates in an image editing program.

What about you? Do you use any of these infographic generator tools to spice up your blog?

Let me know in the comments bellow.

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