7 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog Posts

I bet you’ve wondered a lot about how to get more comments to your blog posts.

Even from the beginning of my blogging days, I’ve been kind of obsessed about getting at least a few comments to my posts.

Especially, when seeing how many my competitors had to their articles.

They’re definitely a big part of a blog’s structure.

So what can you do to increase your chances of receiving comments?

Why Are Comments So Important?

  1. It’s a validation, it’s a sign that someone appreciates your writing, your work. And it makes a blog look really great, such as the way we use photos on our posts.
  2. A blog without the contribution of your readers it’s pretty much empty.
  3. It might give the impression that your posts aren’t helpful.
  4. Leaving aside those aspects, which are more emotional, there is also a practical side. Comments increase the word count and update your page with fresh content so that’s a big reason for wanting to get some words from your readers.

So, let’s get to it.

7 Ways to Get Comments on Your Blog Posts.

comments on your blog

1.) Write Engaging Content

Some of you may be tired of hearing this thing with engaging content. If it’s about getting shares implicitly it’s about writing engaging content which is also a great way to make people leave comments as well.

It’s not easy to engage your readers who sit in front of a display and read your content. The easiest way is to ask a lot of questions and write catchy titles.

When you write engaging content chances are you will receive comments on your posts.


2.) Write Controversial Posts

When you make the reader feel involved in what you’re writing, when you touch a nerve, you will always stir a reaction and get feedback.

Especially if the person reading doesn’t agree with you.

I see a long line of comment pouring.


3.) Write How-To Posts, Offer Advice

When it comes to talking about how to get more comments to your blog posts, this is my favorite method.

I had my biggest success with this kind of posts.

It’s simple.

You write something helpful, on a subject that you have experience with, you offer an advice that you are sure it will work, you come up with a solution to a problem and people will always appreciate it.

It seems to work pretty well.

Here’s an example from a how to guide I wrote titled how to design your own logo for free.

write how-to posts

4.) Join Communities

If the above ways on how to get more comments to your blog posts aren’t that successful, there’s a simpler way.

Join Facebook comments exchange groups and Google+ communities.

Why you can’t go wrong with this? Because you leave a comment on a member’s blog and they will reciprocate. And it won’t take too much of your time.

Simply do a search on Facebook or Google+ for “comment exchange“.


5.) Share on Social Media and Ask for a Comment

This is one is very easy but it has a low return.

It goes like this: you write something really good, announce it on social media, and ask for feedback.

The majority will provide a comment on social media, instead of your blog and that’s why it has such a low return.

But it’s definitely worth trying.


6) Ask for a Comment

Don’t forget to ask visitors for their opinion. At the end of a post, make a heading and simply and directly ask for a comment.

ask for comments at the end of post

Most of them, if they reach the end of your post, will feel the need to take your request into consideration.


7) Leave Comments on your Competitors’ Blogs

It’s not only a method of creating backlinks and reaching out to other bloggers, by doing so, some of them will return the favor and leave a comment on your website.

It’s also a good way to make some connections. It’s a win-win.

leave comments

What about you?

Last but not least, always reply to your comments to keep the ball rolling. That’s my favorite part because I love engaging with my readers.

And now, I will be using a simple tactic and ask you: do you have other proven ways on how to get more comments to your blog posts?

Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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