WordPress Featured Image Plugin: Edit Post Thumbnails Fast

Just recently I had to change my WordPress theme, headline fonts and logo to update my blog design and I started looking for a WordPress featured image plugin to easily edit post thumbnails.

Here’s the deal:

Changing the theme also screwed most if not all of my featured images.

But I was expecting that.

I knew that if I where to use another theme I also had to update all of my posts thumbnails so that they match my new theme featured image size.

What I did not expect is that there is no option to do it without editing each and every post manually.

Or at least I though…

After hours and hours of research I’ve found a WordPress featured image plugin that does just that.

I Ended Up With Two Problems

  1. All of my existing post thumbnails got resized and look weird.
  2. I had to manually create new thumbnails with new sizes for all of my posts.

And on top of that I had to edit each and every article to update post thumbnails and add featured images. I will explain bellow why this was out of question for me.

Nevertheless I was sure there has to be some great plugins such as a WordPress featured image plugin to update post thumbnails without editing each one manually, and I was right, but it took a while to find it.

By now you are probably thinking “ok so why didn’t you use a plugin to regenerate WordPress thumbnails?

The fact is that I actually used one, but still the images where cropped in such a way that they no longer looked the way they where supposed to look.

Here is a quick example:

My previous feature image size was:

previous featured image

After I changed the theme the new size was:

new thumbnail image

Bummer right?

Why Editing Posts Was Out Of Question?

When changing themes it’s natural to expect in most cases to change featured images as well so that they meet the new themes thumbnails sizes. But this is just one of the struggles you have to deal with before deciding to update your website design. Another question I asked myself was: will my new theme impact my blog loading times?

Firstly if you have hundreds of posts, going trough each one of them and changing the thumbnails is quite a demanding task that’s why I had to find a WordPress feature image plugin to update them faster.

Secondly, my blog shows the last updated date instead of the published date.


Because I like to show my visitors when the article was last updated instead of when it was published.

So going trough all of my posts(especially if you have a few) and updating them all in the same day, will end up showing that all of them where updated in one day.

Kind of strange right?

So I had to come up with a way to update all post thumbnails without editing the articles. A simple search on Google showed no solution for my problem.

So I decided to search for a WordPress featured image plugin. I expected to find one right away but it took some time until I found one that does exactly what I wanted.

Most plugins offered more complex solutions such as:bulk editing of posts or changing thumbnails for all posts(basically one image to all articles)

The Solution

I’ve managed to find a WordPress featured image plugin which does exactly what I wanted to do.

I was able to change featured thumbnails without editing blog posts from the admin area, in just a few clicks.

This plugin was a life saver to say at least. In my case, where I didn’t have that many posts to edit, it was great, but if you find yourself editing a few hundred articles just to change featured images then this plugin is truly amazing.

Installing The Plugin

In your dashboard go to plugins/add new, search for “Featured Image Admin Thumb” and hit the install button.

After installing the plugin activate it.

That’s it.

There is no other configuration need it for this WordPress featured image plugin.

Changing Thumbnails

To change any featured thumbnail without editing the blog post, simply got to Posts in your WordPress dashboard and on the right, under each published article, you will see a new column called “thumb” and an image assign to each.

featured image plugin options

This way you can simply edit the thumbnails,change them or updating them in a snap.

It’s also nice to see which thumbnail is assign to each post so you can easily update them in the future.

In Conclusion

There you have it, a simple way to change thumbnails in WordPress without editing each article manually.

This is how I managed to solve my problem with featured images.

What about you? Have you ever encounter this issue with your website after changing themes?

If so do let me know in the comments bellow what was your solution. I’m really interested to know if there is another way to do it.

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