Show Off Your Best Content With WordPress Sticky Posts


how to make sticky posts

Have you ever wondered how to show off that awesome post you wrote a few months back on the front page of your blog again?

I’ll tell you how: using WordPress sticky posts.

I always thought that you need special WordPress plugins to make sticky posts in WordPress.

It seems that there is an built-in option in WordPress so you don’t need any plugins whatsoever.

What Are WordPress Sticky Posts?

Simply put WordPress has an option when publishing or editing a post to make it sticky to the front page either at the moment you publish it or when editing an old post, the process is the same.

This is a very cool feature because you can show off any blog post you want on the front page so that your visitors can see it quickly, and if you have a great headline people may easily click on it.

Furthermore you can show off more than just one post, this is especially handy when you have a few awesome blog posts that you want to push to the front page again.

Why Make Sticky Posts in WordPress?

The answer is very simple, to get more of your visitors to read a particular article.

Picture this: Last month you’ve spent 15+ hours writing a piece of content packed full with amazing info and since then you wrote another 10+ posts, pushing that awesome one to the back of your blog page.

Sure you still get traffic to that article but why not make it sticky to the front page so that your visitors can see it again and click on it?

Making sticky posts in WordPress is a great way of showing off your best content.

Also you can even update old articles so that they are up to date and make them sticky.

How To Make Sticky Posts In WordPress?

In order to make any post sticky in WordPress you need to edit the Post Visibility.

post visibility in WordPress

If you click on Edit under Post Visibility you will see an option to “stick this post to the front page“.

sticky post in WordPress

By checking this box you will make that post sticky to the front page no matter how many articles you will continue to write.

As long as that option is checked the post will be shown first.

There you have it, a simple yet cool feature to make your old content stand out. Hope you give it a try and make those old blog posts show on the front page again.

What about you?

Have you ever made a post sticky in your WordPress website and why?

I personally like to occasionally make a few posts sticky just to make my blog page more interesting and to show off my best content first.

Let me know your take on this in the comments bellow.

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